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 T Tyler Martin 

 The Polyphonic Spree

Saturday, August 20, 2005:

So, it probably should have been upgrade "month", not so much week. We'll call it RockToons summer vacation. The site is on the new server now. The new version of the site should hopefully be online next week. The good thing about that is that it will be full of updates to catch up with all you've been missing.

Monday, July 11, 2005:

There's going to be some changes around here. RockToons is growing into a large web monster and getting a bit big for its skin. The site is going to be converted into a more feature rich automated system. So excuse lack of toon updates this week while we upgrade it. We'll keep you posted here.

Friday, July 8, 2005:

Apologies for the short week. We can only hope to make it up to you by this hilariously great toon of Tom Jones by Melissa.

Wednesday, July 6, 2005:

This is the final piece from the RockToons Artist Collaboration. It is A Perfect Circle featuring the pencil work of Juan Nieto and the inking and coloring by Melissa Dow.

Monday, July 4, 2005:

We have an announcement to make, Tyler has started a new daily webcomic featuring a polar bear that wound up in Antarctica and his little penguin buddy. It's called "On the Rocks" so be sure to go check it out. Also to our US visitors, have a happy & safe Fourth! Ooo fireworks.

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Below are listed alphabetically the bands that the artists have tooned so far (singers names are listed last name first, like "Amos, Tori"). The gray initials next to the band names are the artists that have drawn them. Listed in the chart above next to the initials are their names and what they are working on. F=Flashed. Right click on pictures (control click for Mac's) to save them as wallpaper.

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311 T


A Perfect Circle jn
Adema T L
Adicts, the T
Alien Ant Farm T
Alkaline Trio L
American Head Charge T
American Hi-Fi A
Amos, Tori T
Apocalyptica G
Apple, Fiona T
Aquabats T
Atreyu L
Audioslave L H


Beatles T
Beck T C
Behemoth S
Ben Folds Five J
Birthday Massacre jo

Berzerker S
Bjork T F
Black Dahlia Murder L
Black Label Society jo
Blind Guardian P
Blink 182 T
Bloodhound Gang KJ
Borknagar P
Bowling For Soup H
Branch, Michelle A
Brand New G
Bush T


Cake J
Chemical Brothers J
Children of Bodom N F

Chimaira E
Clash, The F
Coal Chamber L H
Cold T
Collective Soul T
Cooper, Alice N F
Cradle of Filth P
Cranberries T
Creed T F
Crisis N
Crow, Sheryl T
Cult, The B
Cure T jn


Danzig N
Deads Inside the Chrysalis L
Deadsy H
Deceased N
Deftones X M L H
Deicide H
Demon Hunter T
Depeche Mode P T F
Dimmu Borgir N
Distillers L jl
Disturbed S
Dog Fashion Disco S
Donnas, The V
Doors, The T
Dresden Dolls T
Drowning Pool S


Eels, The jp
Emperor P
Entwine R
Evanescence A R
Eve 6
Everclear T F
Everlast P


Fear Factory P H
Feeder T
Finger Eleven S
Finntroll P
Foo Fighters J
Franz Ferdinand jp V


Galás, Diamanda N
Garcia, Jerry C
Godsmack T
Good Charlotte T
Gossip jp
Green Day T X jm
Guns N' Roses jp


Halford, Rob N
(hed)pe L E S
Hendrix, Jimi K
Him L
Hives, The T
Hole T
Hoobastank E


Iced Earth P
Idol, Billy jl
Ill Nino E
Immortal jn
Impaled Nazarene N
In Flames P
Insane Clown Posse S
Interpol D

Iron Maiden N


Jack Off Jill L jo
Jimmy Eat World C
John, Elton T
Jones, Tom D


Kid Rock X J
Killers V

Kiss D
Kittie T
Korn X T J B W E A L
Kovenant N


Lavigne, Avril T
Le Tigre jo
Led Zeppelin V
Limp Bizkit X J A
Linkin Park X T
Lit T
Live P
The Locust L
Lush T


Machine Head N L
Marilyn Manson T L jo F
Marley, Bob L
Matchbox 20 T
Matthew Good Band J R
Mazzy Star N
Megadeth N
Melvins T
Metallica T P jp F

Mindless Self Indulgence T
Misfits N L F
Moby J
Morissette, Alanis T
Mortiis N
Motorhead N
Mudvayne W S H jn
Murderdolls L
Muse jp
Mushroomhead S W jn
My Chemical Romance G


Naked, Bif N
New Found Glory A
Nickelback jp
Nightwish P R
Nine Inch Nails X T G
Nirvana T J
No Doubt T jo
Nothingface L E


Oasis T
Offspring T
Ohgr L
Opeth N
Orgy T
Osbourne, Ozzy N jp
Otep S
Our Lady Peace T


Pantera N F
Papa Roach K S jp
Pink Floyd T
Poe T
Powerman 5000 K
Presley, Elvis T

Prieboy, Andy T
Primus T jn
Prodigy J


Queen jp


Radiohead T J
Rage Against the Machine T
Rammstein T jp P
Rasputina X
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Republica T


Samael N
Sammet, Tobias P
Scarling jo
Sex Pistols
Sigh N
Simple Plan F
Skinlab E
Slayer P jn
Slipknot T W B S jn F
Smashing Pumpkins T jn

Smiths, The T
Snow Patrol T
Sonata Arctica jn
Sopor Aeturnus P
Soulfly B
Soundgarden T
Staind T L
Static-X W H L R
Strokes V
Sublime C
Sugar Ray X
Sum 41 T A
Superjoint Ritual L
Swollen Members J
System of A Down K jp jn


Taproot E
Tea Party C R
Tenacious D T
They Might Be Giants J
Thursday L
Tool C S jp H
Turbonegro N
Twiztid S L

Type O Negative N


U2 C jp J
Used, The L


Veruca Salt T
Virgin Steele P


Waits, Tom D
Wallflowers T
Weezer T C
Wheatus J A
White Stripes L C V


Yankovic, Weird Al X
Yeah Yeah Yeahs G


Zeromancer L
Zombie, Rob M B G